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Disclaimer for recording Customer Training



Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK

Disclaimer applicable to the recording of customer training


This disclaimer defines the guidelines and limitations applied by Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK (WK TAA UK) with regard to the recording of customer training delivered by WK TAA UK. 

The customer must agree to the terms of this disclaimer in advance of the training they wish to record.


Where the customer’s system will be used for training and client data will be discussed, the customer initiates the meeting, records and stores the content.

Prior to starting any recording, all attendees must be made aware the training will be recorded and by joining the training they are giving consent to be recorded.

WK TAA UK respectfully suggests the recording does not replace standard training and is not the sole source of employee training on the use of a particular CCH module. That may be provided by a blended approach to training, such as the use of champions within the business, e-learning, etc.

Whilst the training will be accurate when originally delivered and recorded, the accuracy will diminish over time. For example, the CCH suite is continuously being enhanced and developed with new functionality; or the customer may revise internal procedures, making the recorded training less relevant and possibly inaccurate.

  • WK TAA UK accepts no liability for the purposes for which the customer chooses to use a recording for the education of its employees.
  • Any recording made by a customer may only be used within the company for the education of employees and induction of new members of staff.
  • The customer may only record End User Training courses (listed below).
  • The customer may not sell or share the recording with any third parties. 
  • The customer agrees to delete the recording within six months of the date recorded.


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