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CCH Software User Documentation

How to get in touch with Support



You can search for answers, create a support case, request a call back or live chat with one of our support agents.

If you're not able to find what you need by using the search bar on the Support Portal homepage and viewing Userdocs or Knowledgebase articles, you can get help from our Support team. 

Create a Support Case

First, login to the Support Portal (  To create a new support case, once you are logged in, you can click on 'Cases' from the top menu and complete the form as directed.  Click here for step by step instructions

Access all support options from the Chatbot

If you have urgent support or would like to receive a telephone call back, you can use our Chatbot.  Click here for step by step instructions.

When you are logged in to the Support Portal, click on the orange button on the bottom right of your homepage screen and follow the instructions/prompts to view suggested answers, and if you still require support, complete the 'Create a Case' form.  Once you have done this you will have three options available to you:

  • Create a case for a member of our support team to contact you back, usually by email.
  • Request a telephone call back to speak to a support agent
  • Live Chat to discuss your query online with one of our support agents in real-time.The use of these channels will ensure that your query is picked up and actioned by one of our agents as quickly as possible.


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