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CCH Trust Accounts: Data Entry Training




This course provides training on the preparation of the trust accounts in CCH Trust Accounts/CCH Accounts Production.

Course Duration: This course consists of two onsite or online sessions. Each session will last up to 3 hours.

Key Objectives

  • To ensure that delegates have an understanding of how to set up a client in the CCH Trust Accounts software via CCH Central with the appropriate nominal and investment ledger accounts
  • To ensure that delegates can enter transactions in the software and then produce Investment Schedule reports, Capital Gains Tax reports and Capital History reports

Course Contents

Session one

  • Introductions
  • Client management in CCH Central:
    • Setting up new clients and contacts
    • Linking associations and addresses
  • Client management in CCH Trust Accounts
    • Setting up new clients and linking to clients in CCH Central
  • Nominal Ledger
    • Creating and editing nominal accounts
    • Nominal client details - default accounts
    • Nominal Ledger report
  • Data entry
    • Receipts and payments
    • Journals and other data
    • Investment ledger histories
  • Editing entries
  • Trial Balance
  • Summary of session

Session two

  • Recap of previous session
  • The Investment Ledger
    • Funds
    • Creating funds
    • Entering investment transactions
  • Accounts Formatting - Standard output in CCH Accounts Production
  • Running standard reports
    • Trial Balance
    • Nominal Ledger
    • Investment Ledger
  • Editing investment ledger reports
  • Year end and clear down
  • Year end roll back
  • Summary of session
  • Online resources


Attendees should adhere to the Training session Guidelines.

All attendees should have a good understanding of CCH Central.

All attendees should have a good understanding of trust accounting.

Who is this course designed for?

New users of CCH Trust Accounts who will be preparing trust accounts. 
This may include system administrators,  CCH champions.


Useful Resources

  • eLearning courses - online courses that provide you with an overview and insight into our software
  • Bitesize videos - Compliance and Non-Compliance - showing you how to use features (and also some specific focused areas) of our software 
  • Webinars - sessions for you to attend and learn from



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