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CCH Accounts Production: Data Entry Training




This training is on the preparation of the financial statements in CCH Accounts Production.

Course Duration: This training is Two sessions onsite or online.  Each session will last up to 3 hours.

Key Objectives

  • Ensure delegates can carry out migration of accounting data.
  • Ensure delegates can carry out data entry and reporting.

Course Contents                                                                                          

Session One            Session Two
  • Introductions
  • Using clients and contacts that exist in Central for accounts preparation:
    • Selecting clients and contacts.  [Client and contact creation is a Central function]
    • Set-up and use of the Accounts Production Job Summary homepage
    • Managing Addresses and Association types that link to the financial statements
  • Getting started in CCH Accounts Production:
    • Creating accounting data for a client, adding a new Accounting Period for the first time, the importance of entity types
    • The Home screen within CCH Accounts Production
    • Navigation and common ribbon options
    • Managing officers in the financial statements
    • Chart of Accounts structure for the entity created and rounding accounts
  • Data entry within CCH Accounts Production:
    • Data Entry methods: importing/exporting trial balances or transactions
      • Preparing the financial data for importing in CCH Accounts Production
      • Mapping options within the specific entity
      • Importing the trial balance(s) or transactions
      • Exporting data
    • Data Entry methods: overview (receipts, payments, journals)
  • Set-up and review of the financial statements:
  • Statutory database initial settings: General information and Client preferences 
  • Initial review of the financial statements, drill down options 
  • Exception report
  • Summary of session
  • Q&A from previous session, reconciliation queries?
  • Journals, transactions, mapping and reports:
    • Using advisor journals for adjusting, reclassification, correction / movement of imported figures. 
    • Process of editing the mapping for an entity
    • Restatement Journals for comparative year adjustments
    • Advisor Journal reports
    • Transaction reports (View transactions)
    • Trial balance and nominal ledger reports
  • Further review of the financial statements:
    • Financial statements: lookup and print options
    • Statutory database: further disclosures, navigation and analysis (reports, primary statements, notes to the accounts)
  • Running the year-end and set-up for the next period:
    • Housekeeping for the current year
    • Year-end and finalise options
    • Statutory database review of custom paragraphs
    • Financial statements, reverting local pages, if any
  • *Optional:
    • Tagging the Detailed Profit and Loss Account
    • Overview of Unincorporated /FRS 105 entities
    • Links between CCH Accounts Production other CCH Products, e.g. Tax, Document Management, CCH OneClick
  • *If relevant for accounts data entry users and time allows - refer to Digital content
  • Online resources, Support portal
  • Summary of session


Attendees should adhere to the Training session Guidelines.

An accounts production implementation consultancy is recommended before this session and the following checks should have been carried out by your System Administrator / Accounts Production Champion:

  • Licencing for entities to be used within CCH Accounts Production.
  • Security and permissions for entities and users of CCH Accounts Production including Central permissions for homepages.
  • Settings for, including but not limited to, relationship address mapping; address types; entities, master packs, senior statutory auditor(s).
  • Mapping of 3rd party software to relevant entities.

Who is this course designed for?

Those new to CCH Accounts Production who will be preparing financial statements within CCH Accounts Production.

Useful Resources

  • eLearning courses - online courses that provide you with an overview and insight into our software
  • Bitesize videos - Compliance and Non-Compliance - showing you how to use features (and also some specific focused areas) of our software 
  • Webinars - sessions for you to attend and learn from



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