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CCH Document Management: Champions Training




This course is  designed to support your office champions with full hands-on learning of CCH Document Management which will give them guided experience and practical learning. 

The course provides training in using document management within CCH Central to create, add and retrieve client and non-client documents. 


Course Duration: Two onsite or online over sessions. Each session will last up to 3 hours.

Key Objectives

  • To ensure the delegates are able to apply knowledge when processing all types of documents that require filing via create, add, email and scanning
  • Utilise available functionality when retrieving, reviewing and updating stored documents

Course Contents

Session One

  • CCH Central components
  • Understanding the document centre
  • Viewing documents
  • Adding documents
  • Creating documents from document templates
  • Searching for documents
  • Saving searches
  • Using check in/out/cancel
  • Document properties
  • Assigning documents to users tasks
  • Non client documents
  • Home page view
  • Document inbox

Session Two

  • CCH Document Management revision
  • Deleting documents
  • Restoring documents
  • Non Client documents
  • Document shortcuts
  • PDF Collection
  • Document linking
  • Document audit trail
  • Scanning documents
  • Working with email


Attendees should adhere to the Training session Guidelines.

All attendees should have a good understanding of CCH Central.

Each attendee will require a desktop/laptop with CCH Central and the CCH Document Management MS Office plugins applied. 

The delegates will require sufficient task and document library permissions to fully achieve the course objectives and complete the course exercises.

Who is this course designed for?

Suitable for all employees / CCH Users

Useful Resources

  • eLearning courses - online courses that provide you with an overview and insight into our software
  • Bitesize videos - Compliance and Non-Compliance - showing you how to use features (and also some specific focused areas) of our software 
  • Webinars - sessions for you to attend and learn from



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