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CCH Accounts Production formatter

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To print final accounts, Trust Accounts has always used an accounts formatting tool. The previous two versions are as follows:

  • Viztopia (also known as VAP). This is now obsolete and all users should have now migrated onto CCH Accounts Production.
  • CCH Accounts Production (also known as AP). This is the current Accounts Formatter.

CCH Accounts Production sits in CCH Central. CCH Central is a central database containing records of clients and contacts. It is also the launchpad for most CCH applications, such as CCH Personal Tax, CCH Accounts Production and CCH Document Management, although not CCH Trust Accounts.

The advantages of using CCH Accounts Production over Viztopia are:

  • It sits in CCH Central. So the same contacts that are used in Personal Tax for beneficiaries, trustees etc. can be used in the accounts formatting. This avoids duplication of data.
  • CCH Accounts Production is written in .Net and is the focus of continuing development. It is a more modern accounts formatter.
  • CCH Accounts Production is more like MS Excel and permits the use of commands such as SUM() as well as the older VAP commands.




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