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Format Designer

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After creating the Practice Masterpack, the accounts pages can be modified using the Format Designer.

  • Select Maintenance > Accounts > Format Designer.
  • Select the Entity as UK Trust, the Master Pack as the latest version, the Collection as TA Accumulation and Maintenance Trust and the Size as Default.
  • A list of the available pages appears. The main functions are:
    • Double-click to open a master page and edit it.
    • Add Format to copy in an accounts page from another Collection, or from a client. If the page is added from a client, then it is duplicated so that a change in the client does not affect the master page. If the page is added from another collection, then it is just linked into the collection and the page always displays the same results in either collection.
    • Browse to Format to copy in a page that was previously saved to disk using Save To File on the context menu (right-click menu) within a client.
    • Mark as Deleted on the context (right-click) menu to delete an accounts page.
    • Select Accounting Period allows the user to select a client and accounting period for testing purposes while the page is being developed.
    • The order of pages can also be changed by dragging them up or down the list.
  • When the changes have been made, press OK to exit.


  • Select Accounting Period should be used after the Collection and Size have been selected, i.e. when the list of the available pages is displayed.
  • The Preview option is not available when editing an accounts page, until the Select Accounting Period option has been used.
  • If the accounts pages are read-only and cannot be edited then it is probably because this version of the masterpack has already been published.
  • If changes are made to a masterpack version that is already in use on a client then the changes will affect that client’s master pages.
  • Practice Level Collections can be set up which might be used for Funded accounts or other special types of accounts. A practice collection contains a set of master pages that can be applied to any client, without needing to copy in the required pages one by one.



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