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CCH Software User Documentation

Reversing a receipt

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You can reverse a receipt entry completely so that if an error was made in the original entry of the receipt, or the payment was stopped, you can remove this transaction from the client’s Ledger. Once you have reversed a receipt, it is no longer in the system and cannot be reallocated later. Receipts can be reversed across open or closed tax periods. The reversed receipt can be viewed in the Ledger window when the client is selected.

Reverse a receipt

  1. From the·main menu, select Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Sales Ledger Receipts.
    The Receipts window appears.
    Click the Ledger option on the Task Bar on the left.
    From the Client > Assignment page, click Sales Ledger.

  2. In the Sales Ledger window, slect the Show Zero check box.
    All transactions for the selected client are displayed.

  3. Select the receipt that requires reversal.

  4. Click Reverse.
    The receipt is reversed. An identical row with a minus amount appears in the Ledger grid.


It is only possible to reverse the original receipt out if the accounting period is open.