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CCH Software User Documentation

CCH Reporting

Reporting is an invaluable tool when it comes to evaluating the performance of the practice. CCH Reporting allows you to edit and create cross suite reports where you can choose fields from different areas of the system, either from compliance or non-compliance modules.

 Key benefits include:-

  • A single place to go to for all reporting needs.
  • Extraction of key profiling information from all CCH Central products.
  • Mix and matching of data e.g. Client turnover from CCH Accounts Production vs fee income from CCH Practice Management.
  • This year vs last year comparisons of any Central data using the built in pivot table.  Year on year analysis of range values from CCH Accounts Production or work in progress by month are all possible via the intuitive Wizard report builder.

Search thousands of available fields instantly whether you are looking for dividend income from CCH Personal Tax or liability information from CCH Corporation Tax.

Drill through to underlying data to fully understand report results and where appropriate edit data identified as being missing e.g. clients with no email addresses.



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