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Print Options

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Print options: - Print Orientation, Print Preview, Report Wizard and Edit Mode

Page Orientation

There are two options for setting the page orientation:

  • Preview Window
  • Edit Mode

On the Reporting tab, the Preview option is on the task bar:

Reporting - print options under Reporting tab.PNG

When the report is on edit mode, its tab opens, the Preview option is also on the task bar:

Reporting - print options under edit mode.PNG

Preview Window

When the Print preview report is selected from either step 5 of the wizard, or from within reporting tab or from edit mode as above, the report preview window appears:

Reporting - preview mode.PNG

Select   PageOrientation.png   from the preview ribbon to select the appropriate page orientation.

Edit Mode

Click Orientation from the Ribbon to toggle between Portrait and Landscape.  The orientation is displayed by the following icon switch.

Orientation_Landscape.pngDenotes a Landscape orientation

Orientation_Portrait.pngDenotes a Portrait orientation

Print Preview

As per Smart Reports, within CCH Reporting, where fields have been added into the report from a date driven area, date fields are not required to be present within the report to enable the report to run within a specified date range.  The relevant dates are required to be entered within the Parameters option on the Ribbon before running the report.

There are two options used for printing reports:

  •  Report Wizard
  •  Edit Mode

The Print Preview can be accessed from different areas as explained below:

Report Wizard

When Print preview report is selected from step 5 of the wizard, the report preview window appears:

Reporting - preview mode.PNG


Edit Mode

Click Preview from the Task Bar, the report preview window appears:

Reporting - preview mode.PNG


The following options apply in both modes.



Open a previously saved report.



Save a report.

Reporting - preview mode icons - thumbnails.PNG Thumbnails Thumbnails grid allows you to navigate through the document.



Search within the previewed report.



Select a printer.


Quick Print

Default printer.


Page Setup

Select page orientation and change margins.



Increase or decrease preview size.

Reporting - preview mode icons - navigation.PNG Previous and Next Pages Navigate through the pages or first or last page.
Reporting - preview mode icons - zoom in and out.PNG Zoom in and Zoom out Zoom in and out and set the percentage of the preview.


Export Document

Export the preview into the following file formats:  PDF, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text, Image and XPS.


Send via e-mail

Email the exported documents (see above for valid file formats).

Reporting - preview mode icons - watermark.PNG Adding a Watermark Add a watermark on the document.




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