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Using Advanced Virtual Agent (AVA) Chatbot

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The Advanced Virtual Agent Chatbot

You will see the Chatbot button at the bottom right of your screen when you are logged into the Support Portal.  


Getting Started

Start by selecting the product relevant to your query.  In our example we have used CCH Corporation Tax.

The Chatbot will guide you through an information search to see if your question can be answered without the need to wait for a support agent to assist you. It will search our entire Knowledge Base and UserDocs (how to documentation and help guides).  


Type your query into the search box and click 'Send'.


You will see five links appear in a blue box.  These results are based on the product you selected and the question you typed into the search box.  If these links don't answer your question, you can ask the Chatbot to show the next five answers.  If your question remains unanswered, click 'No it does not' to access further support options.


Requesting Assistance from a Support Agent

Click I require Support Agent Assistance


Complete the Create a Case form before selecting how you would like to work with a support agent. 

You must complete all form fields showing an asterisk.  Please use the Create a Case instructions if you need assistance with this.  Once the form has been completed, tick the Privacy Notice box (if you have read and agree) and click Next.


Now you can select from one of three options:


Follow the prompts as appropriate for each option.  If you select 'Live Chat', remember to click the blue button to connect with a support agent. 


Useful Information

The Chatbot is available for you 24/7 so you'll have access to the information you need in real-time.  

   When I click away from the Chatbot search, how do I return to my existing chat?
A    Click the browser icon you were using for your chat, located in the bottom taskbar (eg. Google Chrome or Firefox) and you will be able to return to your existing Chatbot window.

Q    Will the Chatbot time out during my session?
A    The Advanced Virtual Agent Chatbot will time out after six minutes if there has been no activity.


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