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CCH KPI Monitoring: Automated Debt Chasing Package




Streamline the process of managing outstanding payments by combining the efficiency and consistency of CCH KPI Monitoring with CCH Practice Management to improve cashflow and reduce outstanding debts.

Automated Reminders

Send payment reminders at customisable intervals. Attach Statements and copy invoices prompting clients to pay promptly. No more responding to late payments because your client “hasn’t seen the invoice”.

Automated task creation

When a debt becomes too overdue for an automated reminder, automatically have a task created and allocated to a member of your team to get in touch with the client. The task shows which invoices are outstanding and how much is overdue. There is also a direct link to the client’s sales ledger so your team can see the full picture before initiating contact.

Full debt chasing history

All automated reminders log an entry in the client’s credit control notes so when your team contact the client, they can see all of the activity.

Postal reminders

We know not everyone can be sent their correspondence by email, so for those that need to be sent by post, send an email to your team with a single PDF with all of the covering letters, statements and copy invoices, and print them off all in one go.


KPI Monitoring with all Modules

KPI Monitoring must be installed and licensed with the reporting and workflow modules. (this is all the modules)

Extra Fields

Extra fields are required to set the preferences on each client record.

Extra Field Name Category (Data Type) Values Purpose
AutomatedDebtorStatement Category (Text) Yes, No Enable or disable automated chasing
Statement Delivery Method Category (Text) Email, Post To determine what type of chasing the client gets
Payment Type Category (Text) Payment Plan, Ad Hoc So you can send escalating statements to ad hoc, and monthly to payment plan clients

Associations are used to determine the billing contacts for the client. You can have multiple. These records must have an email address and a salutation.

Master Paragraph

Master Paragraphs are used to populate the required text for the covering letters on printed chasers.

Dispute Types

Dispute types are used to put chasers on stop for certain invoices. If a client has agreed to settle a large invoice by a payment plan you can note this against it. This invoice will not be chased for as part of the escalation process but will be included in ongoing, recurring statements. The dispute notes are visible on the statement to make it clear to your client.

Service Delivery

This will be delivered over 4-6 consultancy sessions.

Please ensure you have all supporting information to hand including;

  • Desired wording for each chasing interval.
  • A sample statement.
  • A sample invoice.
  • A suitable email address such as
  • Time available to set up the billing associations as well as the extra fields.


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