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CCH KPI Monitoring: Consultancy



This covers Amending standard alerts, Creating bespoke alerts, Process consultancy & helping with idea generation for alert creation


 Depending on the individual requirements of the practice, the practical and interactive consultancy will cover the following areas: -

  • Amending standard alerts to suit your practice
  • Creating bespoke alerts to your individual requirements
  • Training on CCH KPI Monitoring to allow you to create/amend alerts
  • Process consultancy & helping with idea generation for alert creation

The consultancy participants should have a clear understanding of the business’s requirements relating to CCH KPI Monitoring.

Course Duration: The consultancy is run in sessions. If on-site the consultancy will be sold in multiples of 2 sessions. The number of sessions required by your practice will be sized by our consultants before your order is processed. Usually, approximately 5 alerts based on an existing event pack can be created in 1 session. Each session will last up to 3 hours. Bespoke alert creation will be sized individually. 

Key Objectives (dependent on requirements)


  • To review practice processes and idea generation for alerts
  • Create required alerts for the practice
  • To ensure participants know how to carry out the creation/maintenance of alerts in the future
  • To advise on the best use of the features within CCH KPI Monitoring   


Attendees should adhere to the Training session Guidelines.

All attendess should have a good understanding of CCH KPI Monitoring and the processes within the practice. 

If the consultancy is to include training on setting up alerts, they should also have an understanding of the databases which they wish to alert on.

SQL knowledge is also required if they are planning on creating their own alerts.

Who is this course designed for? 

Employeess / CCH users  who are involved in the creation of alerts or who have an interest in how CCH KPI Monitoring can be used within the practice.

Note: The number of sessions will depend on the requirements of your practice


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