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Guidelines for online training courses/consultancy




The number of delegates on each session will depend on the agreed delivery. It may either be run as "delegates' view"(hand-on) or "show and tell" which is restricted to 10 delegates or "webinar" restricted to 25 delegates. Delegates will receive a meeting request for each online session, the invite will include joining details for the session, together with guidance of how to dial in using a telephone if a computer microphone is not available.  We will typically use Cisco WebexTM  to deliver your training, which allows delegates to join from multiple locations.  If your business has alternative requirements you can discuss these with your consultant. 

Hardware requirements

Each delegate will need their own device - a desktop computer, laptop, or even a tablet. The device will need internet access and ideally will also have both audio and microphone capabilities. The device being used should have the latest version of a web browser installed (e.g. Google ChromeTM or FirefoxTM). If audio and microphone capabilities are not available, please refer to the dial-in details for each meeting within the meeting invites.

For the best training experience all delegates should be able to access their firm's CCH Central, if this is not possible at least one of the delegates must be able to access the firm’s CCH Central.

Testing connectivity

It is important that each delegate checks their own connectivity in advance of the meeting starting. This can easily be done several days before the session starts, by clicking the link in the invite. This will make sure that any necessary software is downloaded in advance and will also give the delegates an opportunity to test their microphone and sound.

For the best sound, we recommend using a headset with built-in microphone. If you do not have a headset, mobile phone headphones, earbuds and similar usually have microphones built in, and these devices can usually be plugged in or connected to your computer.

Remote Connections

If you are working away from the office, or need to use a remote connection to access work resources and systems, or use hosted desktops or remote servers, then you should connect to the online meeting session using a web browser on your local computer or device before connecting to your remote session.

Meeting Etiquette

For the benefit of everyone in the session it is advisable for all delegates to keep their microphone muted, unless asking a question. This eliminates any background noise which can be distracting to other delegates on the call.  We encourage all delegates where possible to follow on your software to be hands on, use your web cam and interact where possible with your consultant.

Your consultant is experienced at delivering interactive online sessions.  For inclusivity we encourage the use of webcams and other interactive communication tools, e.g. raise hand, yes/no, emoticons, "chat panel",  and of course being able to unmute.


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