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Guidelines for onsite training courses/consultancy



How you and your delegates can get the maximum benefit from onsite training / consultancy sessions


The location of your onsite training will depend upon your office space and the number of delegates restricted to a maximum of 6.  It may either be run as "show and tell" or "hands-on".  For either type of delivery access to the firm's CCH Central is required, this may be one computer linked up to a screen or projector.  For hands-on each delegate will need their own device which connects to the firm's CCH Central.

Hardware requirements

  • A computer which can access the firm's CCH Central
  • A projector or large screen on wall screen
  • Each delegate to have access to a computer which can access the firm's CCH Central

Testing connectivity

It is important that the main computer being used is able to connect to CCH Central, please ensure this is tested before the session.  If all delegate are to be hands on they must also be able to connect to CCH Central and this may need to be tested prior to the session if in a different environment e.g. in a board room/ training room.  

Connection may be through a wired connection or wifi connection, if wifi please ensure strong enough to maintain connection.

Meeting Etiquette

For the benefit of everyone in the session, and to gain the most from the session, all delegates should switch mobile phones off,  have email and instant messaging closed.  Please ensure you arrive in time for the session to start on-time.  Appropriate breaks will be agreed at the start of the session.


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