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Working with bank lines - Customer / Supplier

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Assigning bank line as a Customer / Supplier transaction

After selecting Customer or Supplier against a line on the bank statement you will see the Assignment details window


A receipt or payment can be assigned to a customer or supplier account and matched against an outstanding invoice or left as an unmatched amount

Match against outstanding transactions

With the search option set as Invoices (this is the default search), unmatched transactions can be searched by customer/supplier name; invoice number or description.  The list can be further refined by using the date and amount filters within the search section.

  • Tick the transactions to add to a match against the bank line
  • Clicking the invoice number in the list of unmatched transactions will open an image of the invoice if Basecone has been used to book transactions to Twinfield
  • When the full amount from the bank statement line has been matched against outstanding transactions click the continue button to confirm the matching
  • If there is a part match left over, after clicking continue, click on the button Partial Payment which will unlock the amount field against the allocation line. 

  • Update the amount to the value to be part matched against the line.


Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to save the allocations

  • Save - Save the allocation and leave in the To Assign bucket - The allocation rule is not saved
  • To Investigate - Save the allocation and move to the To Investigate bucket for further review - The allocation rule is not saved
  • Accept without learning - Save the allocation without creating an allocation rule and move to the Assigned bucket
  • Accept and create rule - Save the allocation saving the allocation rule and move to the Assigned bucket

Bank statement assignments can be saved as a bank allocation rule 

Posting as an unmatching amount against a customer or supplier account

NOTE: Allocation rules set against this assignment are not currently saved

Select the assignment option as customer or supplier

  • Select Customer / Supplier search option.  Searches can be completed using by name or code
  • Select the required customer or supplier by ticking the line in the search list and click continue
  • Click Save to save the assignment leaving the line as To Assign


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