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Working with bank lines - Allocation rules

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Creating a rule for a bank allocation

Rules are created to make the bank allocation process more efficient.  Allocation rules are applied against a bank statement line when a bank feed or CSV import loads new lines.  

NOTE: Currently, rules can only be set against bank lines which are allocated as customer or supplier and matched against outstanding amounts or assigned to a general ledger code.  Lines which are assigned to a customer or supplier code and not matched can not be saved with an allocation rule.

A rule can be created once the allocation has been defined and saved.

  • Click on Create rule on the left of the Assignment details window
  • Using the description - Highlight values within the text which will be consistent each time this transaction appears on the bank statement but also should be unique to this assignment coding. 
    • Examples include; Customer code; Supplier code; your account number or policy number
    • Multiple selections can be made to build a criteria when the values are not consecutive - for example, a description of "Insurances Limited July 2022 1234531" highlighting the supplier name and seperatly your policy number would set a criteria to search for Insurances Limited & 1234531
  • Values from other fields can be added within the criteria by clicking the  clipboard_e898d15f3ff5903054c243251aa6624db.pngicon next to the field
    • Mutation code - Transaction code (DD; BACS, etc)
    • Value of the bank statement line
      Click down arrow to the right of the amount allows the amount to become part of the critera using various tests such as equal to, less than, etc
    • Show rule details
      Set that the rule only applies to receipts/payments
    • Use rule for 
      • Whole company - The rule will be applied to all bank statement lines imported for all bank accounts in the active company
      • Bank account - Apply the rule to bank statement lines imported against the bank account to which the rule was originally created
Saving the bank statement line


Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to save the allocations

  • Save - Save the allocation and leave in the To Assign bucket - The allocation rule is not saved
  • To Investigate - Save the allocation and move to the To Investigate bucket for further review - The allocation rule is not saved
  • Accept without learning - Save the allocation without creating an allocation rule and move to the Assigned bucket
  • Accept and create rule - Save the allocation saving the allocation rule and move to the Assigned bucket


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