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Working with bank lines - General Ledger

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A bank statement line can be posted directly to a general ledger code where there are no customer or supplier invoices recorded in Twinfield, for example, a monthly direct debit for insurance.


  • With the assignment details, select General Ledger from the options on the drop down list
  • Enter a revelvant general ledger code; codes can be searched using nominal code or name
  • If Cost Centres and Projects are configured, you can allocated a relevant code to the allocation
  • Set a relevant VAT rate and check the calculated VAT amount
    • If required, click the padlock icon to the right of the calculated VAT amount to amend to the required value
Splitting a line between alternative general ledger codes or cost centres/projects
  • Editing the value of the assignment in the Base amount field which will generate a difference which can be coded to an alternative general ledger code/cost centre/project as required.

  • After clicking Continue a split is displayed and the unassigned portion of the bank statement line can be coded as required


Bank allocation rules can be saved for this coding if required.


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