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Passwords in CCH Trust Accounts

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Passwords can be set for each user, if required and also to restrict access to specific menu options within the System Management area.

This section shows haw passwords can be set to restrict access to System Management menu items.

Please note that, in common with all other passwords within Trust Accounts, these passwords are encrypted by the password routine and cannot be extracted or ascertained without sending the data to CCH Software (a charge will be made for this service). It is, therefore, important to ensure that you have a suitable password security system in place.

See creating users section for setting user passwords within CCH Trust Accounts.


Maintain Passwords

This option allows you to set or change a password restricting access to this window.

Client Deletion

If a Client Deletion password is set then this will be prompted for when a client is deleted.

Manage Users

This option allows you set or change a password restricting access to the Manage Users option on the System Management menu.

Change Currency Code

Allows password restriction to be applied to the Currency Codes Replacement option.

Client Year End

Use this option to set a password for the Client Year End routine.

Edit client user-defined data

This password allows editing client user-defined database entries which are accessed through Edit Client > Maintain. If a password has been set then this option now shows a submenu with 2 options:


If Edit is selected the password is requested before the user-defined data can be changed.


If View is selected then the user is taken straight into viewing the user-defined data but is unable to edit it.

This option is available because some users keep bank details in user-defined data fields.



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