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Correcting a Posted Timesheet

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Correct a Posted Timesheet

  1. Open the Timesheet you want to correct.
    The Timesheet appears.

  2. Click the Corrections Corrections button button in the Posting panel.

  3. Highlight the entry you want to correct.

  4. The Timesheet Time Entry window appears allowing you to make corrections.
    You can only adjust the time units, charges and cost fields. You cannot alter the Assignment.

  5. Click the Corrections Corrections button button again.

  6. Close the Timesheet.

From time to time, you may need to make correct details recorded on a Timesheet. How you make that correction depends upon where the Timesheet sits in the billing process. However, you can only make a correction to the Timesheet if you have the access permission to do so. If the time period is closed or any of the transactions have been billed, you cannot correct the Timesheet. Instead, you need to reverse it by following Reversing a bill.



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