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Timesheet entry

To enter a timesheet choose Timesheet -> Create Timesheet from the homepage Ribbon (you can also access this from the Timesheets tab of an employee record). Choose your processing period (week or day) and you will then enter a blank timesheet.

The following view is using the Periodic entry method:


In the blank top row, enter the client name/code or the assignment name/code (minimum 3 characters) and then hit return to activate the search. Continue entering the remaining required information before entering the amount of time on the relevant day.

You can also enter text in the Comment field for (max 1000 characters).

The available Time Unit and fields required to be entered may differ to the screenshot above and will depend on the configuration options chosen by your system administrator.

If no options appear when searching for a client/assignment, ensure that the tick box labeled 'Search any part of the name/code' in the lower left corner of the screen is ticked

If users receive a warning message while entering time, this could be due to the client account status being set to an on hold type. For more informtion on this, please refer to this article.

Submitting your timesheet

Once you have completed your timesheet, you can submit it by choosing the submit button within the Entry Status area of the timesheets. If you have not met the minimum number of hours required for the timesheet then you will receive a message detailing how many units are missing. This is set up and maintained by your system administrator.

More information on timesheet submission can be found here.

Deleting a timesheet

You can individually delete rows from a timesheet:

  • Ensure the timesheet is in Draft status
  • Highlight the row by selecting the blue square at the start of the row
  • Hit the delete key on your keyboard

You can also delete the whole timesheet:

  • Ensure that the timesheet is Draft status
  • Choose the Delete Sheet button from the Ribbon


Accessing an draft timesheet

Once you have completed the time entry for the day, choose OK from the timesheet screen. In order to enter the draft timesheet to continue editing, choose the Timesheet button from the homepage Ribbon and select Open Timesheet. You can also select your draft timesheet from the Timesheets tab of your employee record.



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