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Periodic Timesheet Fields

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Field Descriptions

Time Period

 Displays the date range for the Timesheet.


It displays a drop-down list of the base time units or intervals for you to show how much time you have worked.

You use the TimeUnit (intervals) when you enter a number or value into the day columns. For example, if you choose a TimeUnit of 15 minutes in the drop-down list and you have worked 1 hour, then in a day column you would enter 4 to equal or value the time for that hour.

Entry StatusDisplays the current status of the timesheet, either Draft or Submitted. You can change the status using the Draft  and Submit  buttons.  


Displays a drop-down list for you to select the Client/Assignment you are working on.


This field is populated when you make a selection in the Client/Assignment field.


Displays a drop-down list to allow you to select the schedule against which you will enter your time. An assignment can have multiple schedules attached to it.


 Displays a drop-down list to allow you to select the task description.


This field is populated when you enter a figure to represent the number of TimeUnits you worked in the Total column. It represents the amount being charged for the time you have worked.


 Displays a drop-down list to allow you to select the charge for the type of work carried out.


This drop-down list of overtime rates will allow a rate to be selected and used as a multiplier in the calculation charged to the client. This field is displayed if set up by the System Administrator.


This column is populated from the sum of the values you enter into the day columns.

Time Entry columns

You enter a value to represent the number of TimeUnits you worked that day on the task. The results of what you type in these columns are displayed in the Total field.


Text field for any extra notes.


Displays the number of entered time units that have an overtime rate applied to them.

Target hours

Displays the budgeted chargeable hours for the day.

N/chrg Time

Displays the non-chargeable time entered in the Timesheet


Displays the chargeable percentage of the total hours for a day.

Chrg Time

Displays the total number of TimeUnits entered into the Timesheet.

Authorisation Status

Displays the current state of the Timesheet as a result of click the Draft  and Submit  buttons. The field displays Unseen, Authorised, Unauthorised or Held Up. The name of the employee who last created the state of the bill is displayed next to the status.


Once posted, this area displays the name of the employee who posted the timesheet and the posting date.


If a minimum number of hours are enforced (either per day or per week), this field displays the total hours that must be entered before the Timesheet can be posted successfully. An error displays if you try to submit post a sheet which does not meet the minimum number of hours required for the selected employee. The timesheet hours must be amended to match the required number of hours and then be resubmitted, authorised and posted. The System Administrator configures this setting.

Search any part of name/code check box

Check this box so that the search results will contain any part of the search criteria within their name. For example: 'mit' in Smith.

Leave this box unchecked so that the search results show only those names with the search criteria at the beginning of their names. For example: 'mit' at the beginning of Mitchell.


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