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How do I prepare my CCH Central database for the implementation of CCH OneClick?

There are a number of areas you should look at to prepare your practice database for the implementation of CCH OneClick.  Here's our recommended checklist:

  1. Client email addresses
  2. Client associations
  3. Client team responsibilities
  4. Employee details & photographs (optional)
  5. Engagement terms

Note: please ensure that you have checked all relevant sections in preparation for the implementation of CCH OneClick.

1. Client email addresses
Within your Central database, email addresses should be stored against individual client records. Each email address should be individual to that contact as you cannot activate more than one person with the same email address. As MFA is linked to a named individual, the email should include the individual’s name and not be a generic address such as info@, admin@ etc.

  • If an organisation has an email address it should only be a generic business address e.g. and not the address of an individual.
  • Individuals who are the primary contact for an organisation should be added into CCH Central as a contact and associated with that organisation through the Associated tab.
  • If a client has associations to multiple different businesses, they will only require one login address for CCH OneClick. This will be the email address stored on their individual client record.

2. Client associations
Associations should be set up within the client record to reflect the relationships that exist with other clients and/or contacts. Individuals will have a single login which enables them to access CCH OneClick for all relevant associations.

3. Client team responsibilities
Within the client record, there is a Responsibility tab which can be used to record the various members of the client team. This client team will be reflected in CCH OneClick and will determine which client records employees can see. The client will also be able to see their assigned team within their CCH OneClick workspace.

4. Employee details & photographs
Employee email addresses need to be completed within their CCH Central record to ensure you can successfully activate their user to access CCH OneClick. Please ensure that your employee's email address is their work email address as this will be their username for CCH OneClick If you wish to personalise your communications, photographs can be added to your employee records in CCH Central. These will be visible to clients within CCH OneClick.

5. Engagement Terms
Working with your clients using CCH OneClick is likely to require a review of your engagement terms to ensure there is an appropriate understanding between you regarding this new form of communication and document sharing.


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