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Activation and on-boarding

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Activation and on-boarding
To get you up and running we've created a number of resources that will guide you through the activation process, signposting exactly what’s needed for a smooth on-boarding experience.
CCH OneClick: Get Started

If you're ready to take advantage of all the benefits that CCH OneClick can bring to your practice, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Work through the Pre Activation Checklist
  2. Install 'CCH OneClick'                         
  3. Activate your Practice 
  4. Connect CCH OneClick to your CCH Central database
  5. Customise your site in CCH Central
  6. Activate your employees and clients.

CCH OneClick: Ready to install?

Once your CCH OneClick licence has been added to your account and you've received your Welcome Email, you can install your new product with this guide to self-installation if this isn't being done for you by our Professional Services team.  You install CCH OneClick by running the CSI Installer, found here  which requires registration with your Practice Code and Registration Code . 

We recommend that you work through the Pre-activation checklist before installing CCH OneClick, which is step 1 in the activation learning paths below.

Supporting your transition to digital

If you need any help transitioning your practice to digital ways of working, please contact our specialist digital team who will be happy to help

Follow this learning path to get your practice up and running


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