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Stage 2 of 6 - Choose the template: eMail Merge for Letter

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Choose the template: eMail Merge for Letter

1. Mail Merge wizard Stage 2 is where you select the template.

Mail Merge - letter stage 2.PNG

A - Format - the Word format is set by default, the templates will be listed on the screen. You can also select HTML if working with an email template.

B - Templates - select if you want the templates from CCH Central or from CCH Document Management.

     On this section you can also add a new Word template or preview and edit an existing word template.

     If you preview or edit a Word template, the Microsoft Office Word application opens automatically. Make sure you save any new template in the correct folder.

C - Data Source - Query is used to run queries for specific templates such as GDPR and requesting information template. Once Query is selected, you will be able to choose from a list of data sources.


Reports is used in a similar way to Query, but the options available for selection are reports. Select the report, this will run when you click next


D - Template name - you can search for the template name in this box.

E - Query - the name of the query appears on the template that has been used (when a query is selected).

2. Select your template and click Next.


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