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Location of the MS Word templates

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Location of the MS Word templates

CCH Central is provided with default word templates, new word templates documents are also shipped with new CCH releases.

The word templates are located within the Templates folder where CCH is installed.

The path should be set within CCH Central so that the templates can be available on the mail merge routine. Steps are below:

  1.  Go to File > Maintenance > Documents > Mailing Settings.
  2. Click on the ellipsis button, bttn_ellipsis.gif, from the Templates path. The Browse for Folder dialog is displayed, select the Practices’ network share folder where the word templates are, click OK.
  3. In the Template Path field, the path to the selected folder the is displayed
  4. Click OK to close the Mailing Settings screen.
  5. Select File > Log Off
  6. Login again into CCH Central, so that the changes made in the Mailing Settings screen to take effect.

Mail Merge - location of word templates.PNG

Please contact your system administrators to confirm the Practices’ network shared folder where the templates are located.




Be aware that new world templates are shipped with new CCH releases; make sure the new templates are transferred from the default folder to the Practice's if those are different.



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