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Stage 3 of 6 - Choose the address type and team responsability

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Choose the address type and team responsability

1. On the Stage 3 of 6 you need to select the address type and the team responsibility.

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If the template selected has the address fields then the addresses type that are Selected (right grid) will be used.

You can select more than one address type using the arrows in the middle of the screen to move the Available type of address (left grid) to Selected type of address (right grid).

If more than one address type is shown on the Selected grid then you can use the arrows on the right side to prioritise the address type on the merge process.

For instance, if Main address and Business address (as shown above) are on the Selected grid and a contact or client selected have both addresses, then the Main address type (first address type on this scenario) will be merged for this contact or client.

If the contact or client selected does not have Main address but has Business Address then Business Address will be used on the merge process.



If the Word template select has a field related to an employee record (name or signature for instance) then select the status of the employee you want to show on the merge process.

For example if the Word template has the field employee name, having Current Client Partner to the Selected grid will pull the name of the partner linked with the contact or client to the merge proccess.

Selecting more than one team responsibility on Selected grid means that the first team responsibility will be used on the merge process. The second team responsibility will only be used if there is not data for the first team responsibility selection on the contact or client's records.


2. Make the selections according to your requirements and click Next. 






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