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Creating a Trade - 3 Accounting Periods

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You can create a trade: When three accounting periods (APs) are present in the period of account (POA), of which only two can be trading APs. When one or two accounting periods are present in the period of account. Once the limited company client has been set up and a relevant period of account created and opened, it is necessary to add a trade(s) / business(es) if there is any trading activity in the company.

Create a trade - 3 accounting periods

On the client details page click Tax Returns and then click the Period of Account you want to create a trade for.

On the Data Navigator on the left, click Trading Income.



In the Trade column, enter a unique name.

For a long period, enter the Trade Commencement or Trade Cessation date

You can now adjust the dates of your accounting periods



In the Type column, set the trade type using the options from the dropdown list.

The Type field will default to "UK trade" with a drop down for different Trade / Business types


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