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Data Navigator

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The Data Navigator comes with a number of features to aid you in completion of clients’ Returns:

Summary provides an instant view of the real-time computation, as it is built through the data entry process.

Search facility allowing you to locate the data entry screen you require.

Hide unused sources providing you with a more refined list.    

The up and down arrows take you through each node in the navigator in turn.

The [Tab] key will take you through and [Shift + tab] will take you back up the navigator in turn.

Expanding a list from any parent node:

  • Clicking the [Return] key expands the list 

  • Double click a parent node expands a list

Option to mark a data entry screen or group of data entry screens as completed or reviewed directly from the navigator.

  • Right mouse-click the relevant text on the navigator

  • A list of options appears - click the relevant option

Visual indicators when an area is complete and/or reviewed

  • There is a completed and reviewed check box at the foot of each data entry screen.

  • When completed is ticked a red tick will be displayed on the navigator.

  • When reviewed is ticked a green tick will be displayed. 

Ability to open in new tab any chosen data input screen.

  • Right mouse click on any description.

  • Choose 'open in new tab' from the options made available.

  • Right click the Tab itself and chose the option 'Detach' if you wish to view this on a separate screen.

Separate screens will be displayed for each accounting period where relevant.



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