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Non-qualifying Assets

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This is where you can record the company's tangible fixed assets which do not qualify for capital allowances.

The Non Qualifying Assets input screen is located in the Data Navigator under  Balance Sheet Analysis, Tangible Fixed Assets, Non-qualifying assets 


Additions analysis

When a non-qualifying asset is added to the Additions analysis window, a link can be created which will automatically populate the Non-qualifying assets window. See Help page Additions Analysis for more information.

Disposals analysis

When a non-qualifying asset is disposed of, a link can be created within the Disposals analysis window to items contained within the Non-qualifying assets window. When an asset is selected, Fully disposed of will automatically tick and NBV C/fwd will show as zero. See Help page Disposals Analysis for more information.

Deferred Tax

The assets shown in Non-qualifying assets will be automatically posted to the Deferred Tax Module in the Net Book Values window.


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