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CCH Software User Documentation

CCH Accounts Production: Corporate Consultancy




This consultancy covers the the most effective way of setting up your system. 
The consultancy is designed to gather information to determine the exact requirements of the business. 
Decisions have to be made so that the full benefits of the system are gained and the return on investment is maximised. 

Course Duration: This consultancy  consists of four consecutive online or onsite sessions. Each session will last up to 3 hours.

Key Objectives

  • Understanding how the CCH Central database works with regards to linking Contacts and associated records to CCH Accounts Production
  • Fine tune mappings from external data
  • Reconciliation of financial statements
  • Understanding CCH Accounts production formula and the impact on the financial statements.
  • To take ownership of all your implementation issues and ensure a smooth transition from your current system to CCH Accounts Production

Course Contents

Sessions One - two

  • Introductions
  • Questions arising from Implementation meeting
  • Reconciliation of the CCH financial statements to source data
  • Redefine mappings from 3rd party software
  • Journal entry: to show movements on notes such as the Fixed asset note and other notes that require movements
  • Restatement journals
  • Advisor journals / journals  
  • Actions to carry forward
  • Summary of session

Sessions Three - four

  • Questions from previous session
  • Master packs
  • Customisation
  • Formatting and formula
  • Themes and styles
  • iXBRL - tags on formats
  • Year-end processes and house keeping
  • Online resources
  • Summary of session


Attendees should adhere to the Training session Guidelines.

All attendees should have a good understanding of accounts production.

Who is this course designed for?

CCH Accounts Production/CCH Central users


Useful Resources

  • eLearning courses - online courses that provide you with an overview and insight into our software
  • Bitesize videos - Compliance and Non-Compliance - showing you how to use features (and also some specific focused areas) of our software 
  • Webinars - sessions for you to attend and learn from



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