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CCH Accounts Production: Charity Accounts Formats Training




This training gives delegates a good understanding of how to use the FRS 102 Charity formats within CCH Accounts Production. 

Course Duration: This single online session will last up to 3 hours.

Key Objectives

  • To check the set-up and configuration options for charity accounts.
  • To provide delegates with an understanding of setting up a charity client and accounting period
  • To provide delegates with an understanding of the nominal ledger structure; importing financial data and posting journals, including the different options for the posting of support and governance expenses.
  • To provide delegates with an understanding of how to enter information into the statutory database
  • To provide delegates with the process of producing the financial statements and notes.

Course Contents

  • Introductions
  • Check the set-up and configuration of CCH Accounts Production for charity formats
    • DMTitle extra field
  • Create the charity and the accounting period
  • Identification of the type of charity, charitable activities and funds
  • Understanding the chart of accounts / nominal structure
  • Importing /inputting financial data:
    • Mapping - creation and maintenance 
    • Importing multiple year trial balance
    • Importing a trial balance for one year
    • Using journals / advisor journals
  • Statutory database initial settings for a charity
  • Navigation within the statutory database
  • Reviewing the financial statements
  • Advisor journal for support and governance costs
  • Adding non-financial data:
    • Linking Address and Associations
    • Officers screen
  • Reports in the statutory database
  • SOFA, balance sheet and other notes
  • Analysis of funds
  • Printing the financial statements
  • Year-end process
  • Summary of session
  • Online resources


Who is this course designed for?

CCH Accounts Production Users who produce accounts under FRS102 for Charities


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