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CCH Personal Tax IE 2023.1

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Before You Begin

About this Document

This document is a guide for updating CCH Personal Tax IE from version 2022.1 to 2023.1.  It is suitable for both standalone and network installation.

This document is intended for tax professionals who have some experience with computer technology and have the time available to read it thoroughly and understand the content before proceeding with the upgrade. It is also suitable for IT and support staff tasked with installing the upgrade.

General Advice

  • Before you start installing this upgrade:
  • Ensure all users are logged out of CCH Personal Tax IE
  • Either make a backup copy of your Personal Tax IE database(s) or confirm that you have a backup to which you are able to revert in the unlikely event it is necessary. 

Prerequisite Version

CCH Personal Tax IE version 2023.1 is an upgrade from version 2022.1.  Before proceeding to install this update, ensure that CCH Personal Tax IE 2022.1 is already installed and working correctly.

Installing the Software

The steps outlined in this section must be carried out on each PC that runs CCH Personal Tax IE.

Downloading the Installer

Note: you need to have previosuly registered and activated your account on the Support Portal.

  • Click the Software Downloads tile.
  • Click the Non CCH Central Suite tile.
  • Click the CCH Personal Tax IE tile.

The CCH Non-Central Suite releases downloads page.

  • Click the CCH Personal Tax IE download button clipboard_e67a12caf2868247e4adc98307719b785.png
  • Please also read/review the Release Notes and Update Guide links.
  • Now proceed with the download and save the CCH_PTIE_2023-1.exe file to a convenient location.

Program Installation

Locate the downloaded CCH_Personal_Tax_IE_2023-1.exe file and right-click.

The Open menu will appear.

  • Click 'Run as Administrator'.

The WinRAR self-extracting archive window will appear.


  • Click Install.

The installation will begin.

The installation (extraction) will take less than 30 seconds and when complete the WinRAR self-extracting archive window will close.

If you have a network installation, proceed to the next PC and run the Program Installation again, repeat this until all PCs have been updated.

Note: It is imperative that all computers running CCH Personal Tax IE are updated to the new version of the product. Failure to do this will result in a warning message on any computers that have not been updated. See Troubleshooting for more information.

Database Upgrade

A database upgrade is required as a part of the 2022.1 to 2023.1 update, proceed as follows to carry out the upgrade.

  • Select one PC and start CCH Personal Tax IE 2022.1

The CCH Personal Tax IE window will appear, requiring a database upgrade.


  • Click Update.

When the database upgrade is complete the CCH Personal Tax IE window will appear with the User ID and Password boxes.

Note: For network installations with a shared database, the upgrade is only carried out once, by the first PC to login to the product.


Your CCH Personal Tax IE update is now complete.

It is worth spending a few moments to check your work. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Start CCH Personal Tax IE as normal.
  • From the top tool bar select Help   > About CCH Personal Tax IE to arrive at the About CCH Personal Tax IE window shown below.


  • Confirm that the Version number matches that shown in the image above.
  • Finally, it is a good idea to take a post-upgrade backup of your database and store this safely.


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