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HMRC MTD Gateways

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Managing HMRC MTD Gateways

Before a VAT return can be submitted to HMRC a MTD gateway must be configured and authenticated with HMRC.

Accessing Gateways

Click on the VAT icon


Click on the Gateways tile


Click on the link for HMRC MTD


Please note - you will only see gateways which your user has access to, other users may have created gateways for other companies setup in your Twinfield enviroment.

Editing an existing gateway

Click on the gateway in the list

Creating a new gateway

Enter a new code and click on next


Enter a name to describe the use of this gateway


Click on Save

A message will appear confirming the save


Click OK

Select if the credentials you are using belong to an Agent or Business


Click the link to Request HMRC authorisation and follow the HMRC process once the window opens

One the authorisation is complete you will be returned to this window and the status will show authorised

Access rights

When you create a new gateway the access rights will be automatically set to allow only your Twinfield user to see and use this gateway.

Click on the Access rights tab and edit as required to ensure that the gateway can only be seen by the required users and/or the Twinfield companies which it relates to


Please note - The final rule in the access rights table should alway be set as none and the company, role & user should be empty.

Default Gateway company settings

Once the gateway has been created it must be set as the default gateway within the company settings of the Twinfield company using the credentials.

Click on the settings Icon


Select Company settings from the menu

Click on the Company Settings tile


Select Taxes from the section list on the left



Scroll down to Communication and click in the box for Default Gateway and select the correct Gateway name.

Please note - If you can not see the required gateway check that the authorisation has been completed and the access permissions are correct.

Click Save to save the company settings


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