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Creating and Submitting a VAT Return

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Creating a VAT return

To submit a VAT return to HMRC via MTD you must create the VAT return.  Provisional and final posted transactions will appear on the VAT return.  Once a provisional transaction is included on a VAT return it becomes locked and you are unable to delete or edit values or tax codes on the transaction.  To ensure all relevant transactions which fall due are included, review the ‘Provisional transactions’ area before running the VAT return.

 Click on the VAT icon


Select ‘Online filing’


Selecting the correct period to calculate

VAT returns are calculated based on the calendar year rather than the financial year, ensure that the year selected in the table of available periods is for the starting month for the period being calculated.


To calculate the VAT return by clicking the orange star to the right of the list clipboard_e99b1f64b2d7aa8e590ec021cda6003e8.png

Action Buttons

clipboard_e51a4e3591979a74c6525abd7ae44b2ee.png - Delete the draft VAT return to recalculate

clipboard_e669b6531b1a56cd59f3d5a00f8758704.png - Create a new VAT return

clipboard_e7d115e462a2cc9dcb6a903c8c91998ba.png - View the declaration form and VAT analsysis reports

clipboard_e9ccb5dcce9a9b65f1182e72a4aac7b89.png - Approve VAT return for submission

 clipboard_e5050deafbcae09828996692bd0ea03ef.png - Submit VAT return via HMRC MTD Gateway

clipboard_e5e17ff0ae9e80b8ab82ab4abef0e2f7b.png - Reject VAT return - Not used with MTD submissions

clipboard_ee1abb316dec7848b5bf339f36b7e398b.png - Finalise VAT return - Not used with MTD submissions

Once the VAT return has been submitted click on the VAT declaration icon clipboard_e7d115e462a2cc9dcb6a903c8c91998ba.png to view the receipt ID and timestamp, this should be checked as part of the submission process to confirm that a receipt ID and timestamp has been received from HMRC.





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