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VAT Codes

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VAT Codes

VAT codes and rates define the percentage of VAT charged and rules for where the VAT values are posted to the trial balance and appear on the VAT return boxes, therefore, it is essential to have these set correctly before transactions are posted using the codes.

Accessing VAT settings
  1. Click on the settings Icon clipboard_e00dc1150f560bfa2f9616686020023ae.png
  2. Select company settings from the menu
  3. Select the VAT tile


Existing VAT Codes

A list of existing codes is displayed


Editing an existing code

Click on the VAT code in the table to open the existing settings

Adding a new VAT code

Click the related option to add a new code



Complete the new code information


  • Code: This appears on data entry screens and reports
  • Type: Sales or Purchase, ensure the purpose of the code is set correctly
  • Name: Enter the name of this VAT code
  • Short Name: Enter the short name of the VAT code - this is displayed in Basecone, therefore, it is important that this field is completed.
  • Invoice text: used to display specific text in the footer of a Sales invoice when this VAT code is used.
VAT Rates

Against each VAT code you may see multiple VAT rates.  VAT rates are added if the VAT rules or percentage charged is changed and have an effective from date.


Editing existing VAT rates

A rate can be edited by clicking on the name.  Once transactions have been posted using a VAT code which fall after the effective from date, the rate can not be edited.

Adding a new rate

Click Add VAT rate above the existing rates table

VAT Rate details


Information required for the create of a VAT rate

VAT Rate Details

  • Date: Effective from date
  • Percentage: The percentage amount of VAT to charge
  • Name: This appears on data entry screens and Basecone
  • Short Name: This appears on data entry screens and Basecone

Allocation rules

  • Account: Nominal code for VAT control
  • Percentage: This is normally 100%, however, certain VAT schemes require a reduced rate of VAT to be calculated
  • VAT Group: This sets which boxes on the VAT return the values are reported in, ensure that the correct type of Sales or Purchase is selected.  If this value is left empty, any transactions posted using this VAT rate will not be included on a VAT return.

Show all countries

  1. Tick this option to view all VAT groups.
  2. Click Save to store any changes.


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