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VAT Reports (Twinfield)

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VAT Reports

The VAT return reports can be produced monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly. VAT reports do not lock provisional transactions, therefore, VAT analysis reports are an ideal way to review the transactions and amend provisional transactions before moving onto the next stage of creating the VAT return.

  1. Click the Reports icon clipboard_e40b71eab9a3ad657090c7b9069184b22.png 
  2. Select the Reports tile clipboard_e82002c2c072bedb620ee5be35b5e3470.png
  3. Select the VAT category by clicking the link for View category under VAT clipboard_ef3f0b7229bfa3a5607a93c38587385da.png
  4. Select the report VAT Analysis or VAT Analysis with Cust/Supplier by clicking on the report name


Report Criteria
  • Year: Enter the calendar year for which the starting month of the period falls
  • Return Period:  Select the correct VAT periods to report on
  • Status: Ensure that both Provisional and Final transactions are ticked
  • Show: Ensure that this tick box is selected to include any transactions posted to a prior period where a VAT return has already been submitted

Click next to view the report


Clicking on the transaction values against lines in the report will display the source transaction which can be edited if still provisional



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