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Trial Balance (Twinfield)

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The Extended Trial Balance function allows you to review your transactions booked, with drill down capabilities into individual transactions, enables adjustments, prepayments and the reposting of values where necessary.

Click ‘Financial Professionals’ from the menu bar.

Select option Extended trial balance.


The following criteria's can be defined:

  • Company
  • Reporting Structure
  • Period
  • General ledger code
  • Customer, Supplier, Cost centre
  • Provisional/Final
  • Rounding


Click onto an amount, choose General ledger transactions. This will display an itemised list of entries.

The following tasks can be performed from this window:

  • View Transactions: Drill back to original posting
  • Adjust: Amend the transaction via a journal or opening balance Journal
  • Repost: Move the full value of the line to another nominal via a journal, an opening balance journal or a year end journal
  • Spread across Periods: Prepayments - Spread a transaction over various periods.

Spread across Periods

From the General Ledger Transactions report, click onto the amount and select  'Spread across periods'. A separate window now opens where you can define how to spread the transaction. 


Select 'Spread across period'. In the 'Spread to' area enter the general ledger account (i.e. Prepayments) to contra out the original transaction. Select 'Spread type' 'fixed number of periods' and enter the number of periods.


Click 'Next' to view the posting schedule.


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