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VAT Reporting (Transactions)

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The VAT return can be produced monthly, quarterly or yearly; the creation and sending of VAT returns consists of the following steps:

  • Run VAT Analysis Report.
  • Captures both provisional and final transactions
  • Create the VAT return.
  • Review VAT analysis report.
  • Finalise the VAT return.
  1. Click on the Reports icon clipboard_ef138d50651b66aaa9dbe3d6d282db3a9.png
  2.  Select the ‘Reports’ tile clipboard_e3d9ae043854153655b8a894c207e3955.png
  3. Click ‘View category’. clipboard_efa08ea9bc9d35aa41e77b09a8a740405.pngclipboard_ea42872d49d53d0cf1ce49bb1d362aabc.png
  4. Select report i.e., ‘VAT Analysis 1'.

The following criteria can also be selected

  • Year
  • Return period
  • VAT return type
  • Status
  • Show

Please note: Tick the status 'Show' -  this will ensure any late transactions posted into a previous VAT timeframe has been included onto the report.


Once your criteria is select click 'Next' to display the report.



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