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Credit Management - Reminder Scenerio

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Define multiple reminder processes which can be used for all or specific customers.  A standard reminder already exists in your company which you may choose to customise.


  • From the ‘Sales’ menu under the heading ‘Classic Functions’ select the option 'scenarios' enter a new code to create a new scenario.


The following options can be applied

  • Minimum amount: Default value can be set or the user can select the minimum amount.
  • Days after due date: Enter the number of overdue days before the invoices are included on the reminder run.
  • Select credit notes: Tick this option if the user needs to be prompted to include credit notes.
  • Delete immediately: Invoices deselected from the reminder run must be deleted (from the reminder run) in order for those invoices to be included on another run created on the same day
  • Grouping: Option to group all overdue invoices on one reminder letter for a particular customer as opposed to a separate letter for each overdue invoice.
  • Prompt: Tick any checkbox under ‘Prompt’ and the user will be able to enter an appropriate value when they process the reminder run.
  • Value: this is the default value for all reminder runs.

Remind Electronically:

  • In order to automate reminders sent to customers the ‘Remind Electronically’ must be ticked.
  • The ‘Reply to’ must have a valid email address.
  • Message’ this will be displayed on the body of the email.
  • If this option is not used all reminder letters will be created as a .pdf within the file manager.




  • Click on tab ‘Reminders’.
  • Select your template and reminder action.
  • Click the orange ‘Add’ button to create additional reminders.
  • Click the Delete clipboard_e80dabe8d912d2ddee14dd9ac321b9d8b.pngicon  to remove the line option.  
  • Click the icon  clipboard_e9c44cd23b8192c84dd60e0421df69aca.pngto change the order.


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