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Credit Management - Reminding

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This functionality allows you to send reminder letters to your customers for outstanding invoices which have gone past there due date.


  • From the 'Sales' menu select Runs.
  • Click ‘New’
  • If you have multiple reminder scenarios, select the scenario you wish to use.


  • You can define the following:
    • Range of customers
    • Specific invoice number
    • Transaction type


  •  Initially the above screen will display an hour glass symbol on the right hand side whilst Twinfield creates the reminder run. As soon as Twinfield displays the notification that the reminder run has been created, click the refresh icon to display the three icons as listed below.


  • Click this icon  clipboard_e93d48e38afed355d46ebf038c141bac4.pngto edit the reminder run.
  • This enables you to deselect customers or individual invoices from the reminder run.


  • This icon clipboard_e377628b6d4f4d73d856ac3f1251e8e72.png enables the user to generate the reminders by email or via the file manager. As with creation of the reminder run, once the generation process runs the icons on the right will be replaced by an hour glass.  Click the refresh icon to update the statuses.
  • This process emails reminders to customers that are set to receive reminders via email and places other reminder letters as a pdf file into the file manager from where they can be printedclipboard_e21f678fde80a338849bc09c3d4cd87c5.png
  • Click this icon  clipboard_e78aa2ca7c7753422a5d1817cdb18609a.png to delete the reminder run .
  • To finalise the reminder run click this icon clipboard_e285a1204a782c081adb97b671ed5bebd.png.
    This will place an action code against those invoices  
Please note:
  • Reminders: Can be electronically sent by applying the setting on the customer’s account (credit management tab).
  • Reminder scenario: Tick the electronic reminder option and create a reminder message.
  • Delete immediately: If the customer balance is 0 or less, the customer will not be included in this reminder run.
  • File Manager: A log file is produced which details a line for each reminder created whether the remainder will be sent by email or if a Word document will be stored in the ‘Reminders’ folder.


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