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Credit Management - Call List

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Manage your outstanding invoices once payments received have been matched against your customer invoices.  Various criteria’s may also be set with the flexibility to assign a credit manager to manage certain customers.

From menu bar for sales, under the heading 'Classic functions' click on the Call list icon. clipboard_e05b749ea012bd86de12b533e0dd4233a.png


Select the option clipboard_e5fca0dd460371e8e0ba471852d012d60.png.


  • User: Assign the Twinfield credit manager user, this option can be set as default, go to Financial professionals - Dimensions, select Account receivable, and click on the Credit management tab.
  • Date: select a cut-off date to view outstanding invoices.
  • Days after due date: Customer invoices which remain outstanding after their due date.
  • Minimum amount: Set limit of i.e. £500; only customers with balances over this amount will be listed.
  • Click ‘Apply’ to update settings.



  • clipboard_e3fc54487deaa3a1fa82087c382d45a83.png  Select this icon to display a list of customer invoices
  • clipboard_e277cc8b7100b43f75ef4b74c04b6ef09.png    Add a transaction line comment
  • clipboard_e33cfaaa4bfcd654e1168962efb351329.png    Browse a particular invoice
  • clipboard_eb8b04b9a78f64aa055edee92ca80f3e1.png   Apply an action code against the the invoice


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