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Financial Year End

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At the end of the businesses financial year the year end process needs to be preformed to have continuation of balances, this process may be run several times as the business requires providing the provisional option is selected.

When closing your financial year the following steps will need to be taken:-

  • Create new financial year click on the blue 'Year End' link.
  • Open period 0 in the new financial year
  • Run provisional year-end
  • Run ETB with provisional posting for approval
  • Post year-end adjustments
  • Run final year-end
  1. Click on the settings Icon, clipboard_eb3dbc38c0e14bc6fdce860ac3285a3f4.png then select. clipboard_ee2452f855f4a6044e91270a09479da4c.png
  2. Select Periodsclipboard_ef3bba0ec315767a83bce51a4a6cb84fe.png
  3. Select financial year, then untick all the periods apart from period 55, then click save.clipboard_e3d830fcb294b7bf114d73cb2c418fec1.png
  4. This ensures no further booking can be made into periods 0 – 12 in this financial year apart from adjustments. Click into your new financial year and tick period 0. 
  5. Click 'Save' to update changes.
  6. Select menu option clipboard_eef6212d8968c1572c639f89bb2b7e12f.png Financial Professionals and click Year-end.
  7. Select the Accounts settings icon clipboard_eae373e3c7e1d1bf928a9484abca5442a.pngand enter the balance sheet code for your Profit & Loss brought forward and your Year-end Profit and Loss code.clipboard_ea474df0a325da235304d0ade9791e23e.png
  8. Click Save.
  9. To run the year-end routine select clipboard_ea05c63937aabdac43b6abc56af1ef588.png.
  10. The default will always be set to Provisional as this option gives you the flexibility to rerun the year end routine and keep the financial year open to allow for further adjustments to be made. 
  11. Click Close year to start the provisional year end routine.

Please note: This process may be run several times as the business requires providing the provisional option is selected.

Please note: If the status is changed to 'Final' this option can only be run once. If further adjustments are required use the opening balance journal. The opening balance transaction type will post into period 0 in your new financial year.  Support cannot make any changes to the year end routine once posted as final.






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