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Data Entry - Journal

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Journal Data Entry

Each journal type has their own numbering sequence; the first four digits denote the year the transaction was posted into. 
Journals can also be imported into Twinfield using various file formats i.e. XLS, CSV, XML. 
A brief overview of the journal types are listed below.
Opening balances Journal, posts transactions into period zero only.
Year End Adjustments & (2) post years end amendments into period 55 only.

Type  ‘Journal’ in the 'Search Everything' area on the blue ribbon bar. clipboard_eca90a0ce569d50890017a127e6a11603.png
Select Journals data entry from the drop down list.

Click open under Journal.


The following information has been entered on the ‘Journal’.

Transaction date,

GL Code, Amount and Description.



Error posting warnings common throughout Twinfield

Red Dot: -    User is unable to post the transaction Provisional or final.
Orange Dot: - When posting the warning message is displayed outlining the field red, this error message can be overridden click either Provisional or final.
Green Dot: -  Saved.

+ Line, This function adds one or more empty transaction lines and automatically saves the transaction lines as draft. 
Provisional posted transactions update the ledgers and can be amended.
Final posted transactions can only be amended by entering a journal.


To watch our video on dimensions click here:


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