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Sticky Notes

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Lead Schedules

  • To add a sticky note, on the right-hand side panel, click the Note icon, then click the figure on the working paper you wish to add the note to


  • Make any relevant comments, select who the comment is to go to then click Post Message
  • In this example, when the reviewer opens the corresponding accounting period in that particular client, they will see a note has been added on the right-hand side panel and will be able to react to it
  • A notification will also appear on the working papers summary panel (explained in a later section)
  • The conversation can be carried on or the message can be cleared at this point


  • Once the note is cleared it will be greyed out but will still appear on the working paper and the right-hand side panel
  • The colour of the sticky note bubble will change depending on the role of the person who made the most recent comment
  • The bubble will also appear in the tree against any working papers that have sticky notes with the corresponding colour of the latest reply


  • Multiple notes can be added to a working paper

MS Excel

  • Sticky Notes can also be added to MS Excel Spreadsheets in the same manner as for lead schedules

Note: the sticky note functionality isn’t supported for Microsoft Word, PDFs or Images


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