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Sign-off roles configuration

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  • To change the role at a client level, select the Levels icon on the ribbon


  • You will then be asked to set the sign-off level for the client


  • These settings will be taken from whatever has been set at the master pack level, but can be changed here if different levels are required for this particular client
  • Rights to change the sign-off level for a client are restricted by a task permission
  • The Your Roles section allows you to change your role on this particular job


Note: changes can be made to the role if they are below your current role e.g. you can’t give yourself the partner role if you are set as a reviewer

  • You can also change the sign off role required on a particular paper by clicking the hyperlink on the right-hand side working papers panel


  • Rights to change the sign-off level for a paper are restricted by a task permission


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