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_CCH Corporation Tax Return

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This workflow covers the preparation and submission of the corporation tax return.


This workflow covers the preparation and submission of the Corporation Tax return. Note that it requires the module CCH Corporation Tax to be installed in your system.

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Alternative workflows

  • See also "_CCH Accounts and CT" workflow which incorporates the Corporation Tax return completion.

How to use this workflow

This workflow attaches to a corporation tax return in CCH Central. When creating a new period of account, select the option "Central Workflows", and select the workflow "_CCH Corporation Tax Return".

Note: if the tax return has already been created, you can open the return and select the "Start Workflow" button on the ribbon bar.

Possible Enhancements

Responsibility for all tasks are currently allocated to the client partner. If you wish to use the "Tasks" homepage control, the workflow steps could be changed to reflect the responsibility types reflected in the assignment or client level responsibilities.

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