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Dates which are notable and important to your practice can be added as reference points when assigning a relevant deadline to a step in a workflow, or the overall workflow deadline. These dates are called Offset Dates, and are fully customizable.

Many of these Offset Dates are already in your system, but you may need to create your own if you have specific requirements.

To create Offset Dates:

Create a Date Rule which reflects the offset date (for example "30 days before 31 January deadline").

When you create a Date Rule, you will need to select a "reference date". In the above example, the reference date is "31 January deadline". Many of these will already be in your system, however if you need a different reference date, you may need to create a new Custom Reference Date.

Note: The creation or maintenance of dates is controlled by Task Permissions.  (See Security > Task Permissions).

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