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Adopt FRS102

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Perform a year end and adopt FRS102 is only available on the Options tab for clients with a Format Type of Ltd Company, Charity (Uninc) or Charity (Incorp). If it is selected, the system displays the Change Client Class tab with the New class and the Mapping File preselected. The option performs a normal year end and also maps the nominal accounts from the old client class to the new FRS102 client class.

In addition:

  • It changes the Format Type to Ltd (FRS102) or Charity (FRS102).
  • It maps Statutory Database items from their old codes to their new codes in the new Entity.
  • It deletes any local accounts pages. 


  • If the FRS102 Client Class has not been set up then the system gives you instructions to import it.
  • Before performing the conversion, the program checks that all client nominal accounts have been mapped to new codes. Any unmapped nominals are listed.
  • For Limited Companies the mapping file is called MapLtd3ToFRS102.csv; for Charities it is called MapCharToFRS102.csv. MapLtd3ToFRS102.csv maps all the 3-digit Limited company nominals to FRS102 accounts. But MapCharToFRS102.csv requires manually editing as there is some discretion as to how the mapping should be performed. Editing the mapping file is described in Change Client Class tab.
  • The conversion to FRS102 does not retain local accounts pages. So if the client has any local accounts pages and you expect that you will still want to use them after conversion to FRS102 then save them to a folder using Save to File. However, in most cases it is better to customise the pages again, as FRS102 pages use a different chart of accounts from the old Limited company and Charity charts.



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