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How to set up a new contact in CCH Central

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Contacts will need to be created In CCH Central for all trustees, beneficiaries, the settlor, the accountant, solicitors, bankers etc so that they can be linked using associations to the client. 

To add a new Contact

Open CCH Central and log in.

Click on File > New > Contact. This opens the Add New Contact Wizard:  


  1. Choose the appropriate Contact Type for the contact being added. i.e. Other Person for individuals, LLP for LLPs, Limited for companies etc.
  2. The boxes below (2-7) will change (or be greyed out) according to Contact type selected. For an individual select the Gender.
  3. Provide the First Name
  4. Middle Name (if known) or just their middle initial
  5. Last Name
  6. Salutation and
  7. Initials and Mailing Name will be auto-populated.

Click Finish to save the details (the other tabs don't need to be completed at this stage).

Note: A contact should only be set up once in CCH Central, then used multiple times using associations to link to different clients.

 Please click here for more detailed information as to setting up contacts in Central.


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